Every film is a passion project

About us

Every film is a passion project.

282 Video Production is a collective of creative directors, producers, camera operators, animators, and editors. We’re based in Tunbridge Wells, but travel throughout the UK (and the rest of the world!) to capture content for our clients, leveraging our network to ensure that each project calls in the best talent.

We create video content for distribution across all online platforms and TV, managing as much or as little of the process as needed, from idea generation to the final cut. Our setup means that we’re able to offer flexible and nimble solutions to all of our clients, so they return to us time and time again.

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What makes us

We don’t like to fence ourselves in. At 282, we work across a wide variety of industries, drawing on our collective experience to continually innovate for our clients by bringing new ideas and technologies to set. This keeps our approach fresh and it gives us the freedom to ‘follow the passion.’

Passion is important to us. We love what we do and we get a kick out of sharing it with others. And we work best when we’re collaborating with clients who feel the same way, whatever industry they work in.

The projects may vary - from showcasing technological advancements in driverless cars to creating social media reels for some of the UK’s leading fashion brands - but each one starts with a desire to share something important with an audience that matters.

So, if you’ve got something in mind that deserves a spotlight, we’ve got our cameras at the ready.

About us


A cost-effective way to offer video production services to your clients, whenever they’re needed.


We work with a number of agencies across the UK to help them offer one-off and ongoing video production services to their clients. Think of us as a ‘bolt-on’ video production team. Our nimble crew comes with decades of combined experience and a vast catalogue of kit, enabling you to offer high-quality video production services to your clients without the overhead of an in-house team.

We can work with your agency in whatever capacity you need, whether that’s jumping in at kick-off to devise a creative solution that fulfils your clients’ objectives, or simply helping to execute your vision.

This model works so well that we’re still working with the same agencies we partnered with way back in 2015. Get in touch to find out how we can help to bolster your client offering!

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What our partners say

" I almost didn’t want to review 282 as I wanted to keep them secret all for myself :) But my guilt kicked in and I need to tell the world about these professionals, fast to understand any subject matter, talented and value for money superstars of video. "

Graeme Hall

" I’ve worked extensively with 282 over the last few years and they have always delivered. Whether it’s a studio or location shoot, everything is tightly run and well scheduled. The crew are adaptable, approachable and know their stuff, as well as being fun to work with. "

Wayne Pashley
Cheeky Communications

" Experienced, organised and consistent. We’re a Brighton digital marketing agency and have been using 282 Video Production for the last 3 years, we see 282 as a valuable asset and extension of our offering. Do and will use them over and over again. "

Reece Star

Got a project in mind?
No matter the size of your idea or scale of your project, we’d love to talk about it. info@282video.co.uk

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