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Leading Edge Aviation
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Leading Edge Aviation approached 282 to create an aspirational film that would be showcased at the Pilot Careers Live event in 2020, hosted virtually as a result of the Covid Pandemic. The event was aimed at aspiring pilots, and needed to resonate with them, and inspire them to reach out to Leading Edge Aviation as a potential flight school.

Leading Edge Aviation
Leading Edge Aviation

After conducting a site recce and speaking with a number of the current students, it was clear that for a lot of them, the desire to be a pilot started at a young age. We used this as the main focus of our narrative, following a young boy’s journey from a cardboard cockpit in his bedroom to the runway of his future flight school. We used lighting and sound-design to create a sense of increasing pace in the film, moving from the magical, childlike atmosphere with our young pilot to a more ambitious energy as he becomes a student.

Leading Edge Aviation

We shot the film over the course of two days, with the first day being dedicated to the child scenes and the second day being dedicated to filming at Leading Edge HQ in Oxford. We had a super quick turn around time on the edit and managed to complete the whole film with editing, colour grade and sound mix over the course of four days.

Leading Edge Aviation

The response to the film within the industry, and from the team at Leading Edge, has been fantastic. We are so delighted to have been given the opportunity to work on this project.

" It made me cry…

John Lewis eat your heart out.

Oh my god I love it…. "

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